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Urban Stages Theater
259 West 30th Street (bet 7th and 8th Avenues)
For tickets, call Ovationtix, 1.866.811.4111

Urban Stages Adm. Office:
555 8th Avenue, #1800







555 8th Avenue #1800
New York, NY 10018
Tel. (212) 421-1380
Fax (212) 421-1387




Supporters 2017-18

MAINSTAGE PRODUCERS (Donations of $5000 +)        
Admarketplace, Broderick J. Hehman Memorial Fund, The Burch Family Foundation, Tom Fitzpatrick & Camille E. Chwalek, Mark Dalton, Mrs. Carol Gram Deane, The De Groot Foundation, Dorothy Loudon Foundation, Dubose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund, Edward Barlow & Whitcom Partners, J. Tomilson Hill, J. Kevin Gilgan, Jon Q. and Ann Reynolds Fund, The Gilman & Gonzales-Falla Foundation, The Glades Foundation, Google Ad Grants, Harold and Mimi Steinberg Trust, The J.M. Kaplan Fund, The Mcintosh Foundation, Michael Tuch Foundation, Nancy & Robert Blank Foundation, New York Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, John J. & Margaret M. O’Brien, The Rosenstiel Foundation, Joseph L. Rice,III & Franci J. Blassberg, Kay H. Woods, Dr. Roger Brunswick and The Shubert Foundation, and Stanley Zareff.


OUTREACH ANGELS (Donations of $2500-4999)  
Angelakis Family Foundation, Michael A. and Angela Casciato, Elizabeth Chace, Barbara And Peter Georgescu, Alice and Peter Hall, The Lucille Lortel Foundation, Jane H. Maynard, Joyce Moss, Martha Sproule, David and Diane J. Paton, Mrs. Jean Palmer, Robert & Jane Toll Foundation, The Schiff Foundation, The Putnam L. Crafts Jr. Fund, Warren and Virginia Schwerin, The Shafir Family Fund, Brenda M. Shapiro, Jarvis J. Slade, Joan Steinberg, Ted and Barbara Anderson Terry, and Samuel H. & Nora Wolcott


HONORARY PLAYWRIGHTS (Donations of $1000-2499)
Barbara and Donald Tober Foundation, Rosalie Brinton, Peggy Chane, Carolyn Chris, Paul Cortese, Howard Cox, Virginia Dean, Stuart and Susan Engs, Patrick Farrell, John Golden Fund, Daniel L Keating, James C. Lehrer, MAC, Nancy L. Martz, John F. Mccormack, Ellen Marcus, Jacqueline Mitchell, Robin Murray, Crisler Quick, Susan Ringo, Patricia H. Robert, Donna Shafir, Lindy Sitzmann, Stephanie & Fred Shuman Family Foundation, David M. Tobey, David and Joan Traitel, Christina Von Bargen, Sheila Wald, and Alan Wanzenberg


HONORARY DIRECTORS (Donations of $500-$999)        
Actors Equity Foundation, Albert and Bessie Warner Fund, S.B. Bullock, Ildiko Butler, Tina Chen, Pierre Crosby, Daniel & Joanna S. Rose Fund, Pierre J. De Vegh, Joanne V. Graham, George A. and Martha B. Kellner, Landscape Details, Inc., Barbara Millhouse, Marilyn Ratner, Colette L. Russell, Lynn San Andres, Suzette De Marigny Smith, Leila Straus, Frederick Terry Jr., Nell Yperifanos, and Wien Family Fund


HONORARY DESIGNERS(Donations of $250-499)          
Josh Aronson, Daniel and Cynthia Banks, Eileen Begg, Mary T. Bruckmann, C. P. Burke, Eugenia R. Callan, Pamela A. Campbell, Mary Churchill, Ed Cohen, Dorothy M Decker, Jeffrey and Heisook Dubiner, Edward Forstein, Mark T. Gallogly, Jane Gammill, Anthony Gerard, Barbara Gottlieb, Marcia Gowen, Catharine Greenwald, Elizabeth E. Hurley, Jean Huselton, Thomas E. Klunzinger, George B. & Katharine L. Moore, Bruce & Wendy Neckels, Roshelle Ohrstrom, Nancy Palmer, Dr. Alexander Patrick, Read Family Foundation, Natalie Spencer, James W. Stevens, Carl H. Tiedemann, Carl Towbin and Susan Jacobs


HONORARY ACTORS (Donations of $50-249)      
Joan Asher, Judith Auchincloss, Martha Babcock, Manuel L. & Susanne M. Barbero, Robert Bartley, Joel Beeler, Steven Bell, Phyllis L. Berning, Mary W. Blanchard, Beverly Bringle, Sam Bryan, Jennifer Chwalek, Kathleen Conkey, Diana Conovitz, Gail Cooke, Monica Curti, Roger Danforth, Philip Erard, Diana Eleanor M. Gibson, Alice Griffin, Charles Halpern, Susan Halpern, Robert & Mary Higgins, Tracy L Hobson, Lynn R. Hummer, Claire H. Irving, Daniel Dana Jackson, Susan M Jacobs, Chungmi Kim, Kathleen Lingo, Sarah And Steve Lowe, Franklyn B. Modell, Mary Louise Myers, Joseph Richards, Barbara B. Richey, Marilyn G. Rosenberg, Susan B. Rush, Sam Ryan, Peter H. Schuck, Marisa Smith-Kraus, Jeffrey L. Sonking, Wenke B. Thoman, Robert M. Tucker, Jean H. Vanderbilt, Patricia Hayden Ward, Ellen White, and Jane S. Woodson

Other Partners     
Molly Wee Restaurant, Ocabanon Restaurant.